E-waste – recycle or reuse

As the fastest growing municipal waste stream in the world, GMS is proud to be changing the landscape of electronic waste. With a commitment to sustainability, we’re partnering with Computer Recycling to offer eWaste solutions for both domestic and commercial enterprises.

New Zealanders are producing an annual average of 19kg of eWaste per person, and the Ministry for the Environment is predicting that number to rise to 26.9kg per person by 2030. Worldwide, eWaste is forecast to continue growing at a rate of two million metric tonnes per year.

Our eWaste service

In conjunction with Computer Recycling, GMS is offering electronic waste recycling bins for home and work use, that can be placed next to your other traditional recycling bins. We also have convenient drop-off locations in Auckland, Hamilton and New Plymouth. Upon collection you will be issued a certificate stating the total weight you have diverted from landfill.

For sensitive equipment, we offer a ‘secure data destruction bin’. Everything with a serial number will be recorded and everything with a hard drive will be destroyed. All end-of-life equipment is processed at Computer Recycling’s ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited yard in Auckland.

How does it work?

There are five parts to the disposal of electronic waste:

  1. Collect: GMS Recycling and Computer Recycling make it easy by collecting electronic waste, big or small, from anywhere in New Zealand.
  2. Sort: GMS Recycling and Computer Recycling will grade all eWaste, from a toaster to a server, into two categories – Recycle or Reuse.
  3. Refurbish: Skilled technicians will refurbish and remarket IT equipment otherwise destined for landfill.
  4. Recycle: Anything that can’t be refurbished is dismantled and categorised, ready to be turned back into their commodities.
  5. Recover: We use our established global partner networks to extract and return the materials back to their base forms. These materials include gold, silver, platinum, palladium and more.
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